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Burnrate is an application designed for directors and cinematographers to track film stock or videotape use, as well as the shoot schedule's status. By entering daily pages shot and film stock or videotape used, burnrate displays your average and daily shooting ratios compared with the project's target shooting ratio. Beyond film use statistics, burnrate tracks the shoot schedule and reports on its status.

Burnrate runs completely through your browser using the flash plug-in, and is free to try for 30 days, at which point you must either discontinue use or register. The cost to register is $35 USD, $15 for students. Registered users will receive the stand-alone version for times when connecting to the Internet is not an option (PC only, Mac version coming soon).

I have put together a training section to show how to use burnrate effectively, hopefully it answers any questions you may have on the application's use. If you have further questions, email me at:


burnrate v.1.0 single user license - $35.00

burnrate v.1.0 single user license (student) - $15.00

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