La casa de Walier  

La casa de Walier is an educational game intended for Spanish students. It is not a grade based activity, it is simply intended to familiarize one's ear to the spoken language and allow students a chance to practice at comprehension. Through the comprehension of characters' dialogue, students can overcome obstacles and win the game. If you don't speak Spanish well enough to comprehend what the characters are saying, you may also play the game with English subtitles by changing the subtitles to English in the options menu. To do so, at the main menu, click nuevo juego (new game) to begin. When the game is started, click el menú de opciones in the upper right hand corner of the game and select english in the subtitulos (subtitles) option.


Move around the house by using the mouse, a walk icon will appear at areas where you may go.

Click on characters to hear what they have to say. Most characters have more than one thing to say, so you may want to visit them more than once after completing your primary assignment. Listen closely, as the characters will reveal many secrets.

Collect items by walking up to them or solving a puzzle, and use them by either clicking on them or dragging them and releasing in appropriate areas. All puzzles are answered within general character dialog.

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